Caitlyn Lahousse


Noah Kurinsky

Caitlyn Lahousse and Noah Kurinsky

Our Story

Caitlyn and Noah met about two hours after moving into the dorms at Tufts, right before matriculating into undergrad. Caitlyn's roommate went to Andover High with Noah, and they had planned to meet up before matriculation to sit together, and bring their roommates. When they all went to sit down, fate intervened and Caitlyn's roommate got the last seat in the row; Caitlyn and Noah, with one random kid between them, took the seats at the end of the next row. Luckily for Noah, this kid was not a smooth operator, and Caitlyn and Noah's first bonding experience was exchanging amused and annoyed eye-rolls at the kid's explanation of how he came to Tufts to 'see what the Boston scene was all about, bro'.

Noah was fascinated by Caitlyn and immediately tried to get her attention, but Caitlyn, ever the responsible student, was hard to distract. After waiting one of the two weeks his parents suggested he try to stay single, Noah convinced Caitlyn to take a walk with him one night about a week into school. They talked and walked around Caitlyn's dorm for an hour and a half, staring at the stars and swapping stories. Noah thought he was super smooth, but Caitlyn had no idea he was interested in her, and after the walk said goodnight and went inside, leaving Noah confused, and more determined to win her over.

Noah came up with a plan to get Caitlyn away from her books by inviting a bunch of 'random people from his floor' (who knew about his massive crush), and Caitlyn, downtown Boston to explore and get food at Fanueil Hall. Over the course of the night, they flirted on and off and exchanged glances, both pretending they hadn't been staring when the other made eye contact. Finally, on the way back to the T at the end of the night, Noah grabbed Caitlyn's hand. This was met with 'What do you think you're doing?', to which Noah responded, 'What do you THINK I'm doing', and Caitlyn realized finally that Noah had the same crush on her that she had on him. When they got back to Tufts, they discretely broke away from the group, who pretended not to notice, and headed to the field near Powder-House square, where they sat and talked until 3 in the morning.

From that day on, they became inseparable, studying on the presidents lawn, in the library, in the dorms, everywhere. Noah had never studied so much in his life. For the first time in the history of the universe, a couples grades went up as a result of their new romance. Their dorms were on opposite sides of campus, and they quickly gained leg strength making the long walks over the hill back from each others dorms after days of watching movies, eating food in Davis square, and studying in South Hall. Noah was working at Flatbread in Davis Square during that first semester, and on Sundays, Caitlyn would meet him after work to eat pizza and get a pint of ice cream at J.P. Licks, an instant common favorite of theirs. For Caitlyn's 18th birthday, Noah bought her a stuffed dog that they named Pancake, after the fact that Noah made Caitlyn pancakes before she had to go home that weekend, and Pancake has lived with Caitlyn ever since (joined by his brother Jumbo in 2013).

In November of their freshman year, tragedy struck, when Noah, overtired and daydreaming about spending time with Caitlyn later, stuck his hand in a food processor. After a lot of yelling and bleeding, Noah ended up at Somerville hospital. When Caitlyn texted 'Have a good day at work dear!', Noah replied with the word 'Hospital'. Without thinking twice, Caitlyn grabbed some snacks, Noah's roommate Dean, and walked the 3 miles to Somerville Hospital to make sure he was OK. She found him in a delirious state of pain with a fingertip missing, and comforted him with jokes and snacks until the doctor finally bandaged him up. When Noah's parents arrived, Caitlyn saw how uncomfortable they were, and told them to wait outside; while they were disgusted, she was interested, and she was perfectly content to take care of Noah by herself. That's when Noah knew he wasn't ever going to let her get away.

Over the next few months, Caitlyn acted as girlfriend, best friend, and personal physician to Noah, changing his bandages and mocking him when he couldn't bring himself to look at his own finger, even after two months had passed. By February, Caitlyn was pretty much living in South Hall with Noah (sorry Chris and Pam), and the rest, as they say, is history.
Petra Kern