Caitlyn Lahousse


Noah Kurinsky


In the Czech Republic!
Wine country, again!
Out to dinner with friends before starting senior year!
Our first photo together!
After winter break freshman year, do you think we missed each other?
Thanksgiving after our engagement!
Caitlyn's 19th Birthday!
Watching a dance recital!
Red Sox game!
Jess and Alex's Wedding Photo Booth--our first wedding together!
in London!
Pumpkin carving at our senior year house!
On the sunny Stanford campus!
Downtown Boston in the winter!
in Vancouver!
Block Island!
at the BC football game freshman year!
Graduation--we made it!
Tufts Class of 2014!
Wine country!
Cutting our graduation cake!
Mont Blanc!
Caitlyn's med school orientation!
COM Prom!
We love wine country!
in Barcelona!
Dinner on Caitlyn's beach house porch!
Cheers to Valentine's Day!
Easter bunnies!
at Robert Young in the caves!
Sarah and Brandon's wedding!
Petra Kern